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World Building - Establishing a Themed Environment with James Paick

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World Building: Establishing a Themed Environment

(Previously a CG Master Tutorial)

In this extensive tutorial, I cover over 2 and a half hours of World Building & Environment Design Creation, specifically targeting game design & how gameplay plays a big role in the world creation.

I also cover how I create player-interactive obstacles and objects that make game-play fun for the player.

Included in the workshop are:

- 2.5 Hour (150 minute) video tutorial with full audio

- Demo jpg file

Thanks for watching!!

Please feel free to message me on Facebook or email at [email protected] with any tutorial topic you might be interested in viewing.

Feel free to join our Facebook Community Brainstorm for tutorial reviews, critiques, and community assignments.


James Paick

Scribble Pad Studios - Creative Director

1 MP4 and 1 JPG
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